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Many expect a

family to enjoy

Adopting saves lives!

Adopting makes you responsible for a living being that feels, registers its environment and that lives an average of thirteen years.

It is a long term commitment.


Things to keep in mind when adopting:


  • Time: A dog, in addition to food and water, needs attention and affection. This means spending time out of your day taking him out for walks, playing with him, and pampering him. You have to be willing to "make" the time to be with him.

  • Space: Although a dog can live very comfortably in a small space, it has to have its own place (which cannot be outdoors). It is also necessary to see if the personality of the dog fits well in your space.

  • Resources: Good quality balance, visits to the veterinarian, transfers, bathrooms, toys, accessories ... It is necessary to evaluate if you can take financial care of the weak you adopt.

  • Vacation: Do you know someone who can take care of it while you travel? Can you take it with you? Before planning any trip you have to take into account where and in whose hands it will stay and the cost that it will generate.


Adoption conditions


  • Being over 18 years

  • Live in CABA or surroundings

  • Complete the pre-adoption form

  • Respond to our phone call to discuss responsible adoption

  • Puppies are only delivered with a commitment to neuter

Dogs for adoption

Our Team

Updated June 2021

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